Scan and Manage Your Documents Easily with Snap2PDF

Snap2PDF for iPhone

Care to get a share of what business executives use to manage their documents? This time, you can also get a sigh of relief in managing your documents with Snap2PDF. You don’t have to get in trouble with this app designed to deal with your files. Learn more about this to know why it is a must-have iPhone app.

Snap2PDF App Customized for Your iPhone:

Compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5, you wouldn’t want to miss out this amazing app to handle your files. Your unit won’t be complete without the Snap2PDF to manage your documents hassle-free. It is perfect, especially for people on the go yet tied up with their business engagements. Sure, it is also ideal for students caught up with paperwork in school.

Snap2PDF is not only limited to your iPhone 5 or any iPhone running in iOS 6. This cool business app can also be installed in your new iPad in case you don’t wish to use your phone. Who knows, it can be made available to more and more apple gadgets soon.

Snap2PDF App Featuring Capture and Share:

What makes the Snap2PDF app stand out among the rest? It’s the “Capture and Share” feature that allows you to capture text and images, save them in pdf file, and share them quickly and easily. Yes, this amazing app lets you do all this stuff using your iPhone 5.

There’s more to using the Capture and Share feature for you can transfer text content easily. Chances are, you can simply copy the text from captured images and paste it on your clipboard or even SMS. You may also paste the text on your email if you wish to share useful content to your associates. Feel free to share the trick to your friend should you want them to return the favour.

Snap2PDF iPhone App with Backup Data:

Now, you don’t have to lose data you’ve got on your iPhone 5 through Snap2PDF. This app allows you to backup significant data on the cloud using your mobile device. See, you can make the most of your data captured, saved, and shared using this fascinating app.

Since it’s a pretty popular app, you can also get a good impression from your colleagues. As a matter of fact, it happens to be among the top ten leading business apps all over the globe. That means, you also get to keep yourself updated with the hottest apps circulating in the corporate world.

Trust me, there’s no better way to manage your documents than iPhone app Snap2PDF. It is available in the Apple AppStore at the cost of € 1.99.

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