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The need for tracking mobile phones of your employees is extremely important from a business perspective. Nowadays we see enterprises providing their employees with handsets for official use. This makes monitoring your employees a much easier task. All you need to do is install a mobile phone tracker inside their mobile phone and you are on track.

The Best App:

When you talk about such tracker apps, you need to ensure that you choose the best app that would be of any reasonable help to you. Search for the best app around and finally your search will end once you reach StealthGenie. This potent mobile tracker StealthGenie is an amazing piece of technology that is the answer to all your questions. This app works quietly inside the phone of your employees without letting anyone find out about it.

Getting Started:

Getting registered for StealthGenie is the first step that you need to take. Once registered, you would have received an Activation code and a User ID and Password. Download this app inside your employee’s cell phone after this and wait for some time to let the phone synchronize with the StealthGenie server. Now use the User ID and Password and get access to the entire phone data of your employees with ease.

Phone Calls:

Providing you access to all the phone call records of your employees, StealthGenie helps you make sure that your employees don’t get involved with the wrong people. This is why all the call records are provided to you along with the date, time and duration of each call and you may even record any call if you wish to.

Geo Tracking:

With the help of the GPS navigator inside your employee’s cell phone, employers get to trace the exact location of their employees using the ‘Geo Tracking’ feature. StealthGenie works excellent with iPhone models having iOS 4.0 and above that. Apart from this, all the BlackBerry and Android phones of the latest models run excellently with this app.

Excellent Support:

An excellent customer support service is offered by StealthGenie to all its users. A nice and supportive customer support staff ensures that all issues of users are solved in the most efficient manner and in the quickest possible time. So get hold of this mobile phone tracker immediately and secure the future of your business.

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