Amazon Kindle Fire HDX – Lighter Than Air. Coincidence Or Plain Marketing Tactic?

Amazon announced their Kindle Fire HDX about 2 weeks ago, but I don’t remember this particular marketing line at launch?

“Lighter than Air” could just have been a coincidence, or it could be a sneaky dig at the relative weights of their tablet versus the new iPad Air announced last week by Apple.

Obviously there is more differentiating the two tablets than weight. Although they are a similar size, 8.9″ for the FireHDX versus 9.4″ for the Air, Android versus iOS, Amazon’s content store versus Apple’s. and so on. But it is lighter – 374g for the FireHDX versus 469g for the Air.

Price wise Amazon have snuck in slightly lower than the iPad on all price points too. 16GB Wifi is £339 versus the iPad Air’s £399. 16Gb with 4G is £409 versus £499. And that’s without Amazon’s “Special Offers” discount (selected adverts on the homescreen, which lowers all prices by a further £10 if you so choose.

Many people have already started purchasing their digital content from either Amazon or Apple, and if you have your decision is largely made for you about which tablet you will buy. But if you haven’t yet overly committed to either program, Amazon is certainly making their offering look mightily attractive.

>> Pre-order the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon – shipping 13th December.

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