Keeping on the Go: Essential Tips for Using Mobile Internet

Mobile internet is an absolute necessity if your work requires you to be on the move all the time. Imagine sitting down between meetings, when you realise that you’ve forgotten to send a few important emails, perhaps with some attachments. Your internet dongle doesn’t seem to be working and the open Wi-Fi spots are horrifyingly slow.

Unfortunately, this is the bane of many people’s working lives, whether you need connectivity on the move for whatever reason, be it personal or business. Your life will be significantly less stressful if you sign up for Virgin Media’s mobile broadband; be sure to look through the following tips afterwards.

1. Don’t trust Wi-Fi at hotels or on trains

Hotels love to boast about the fact that you’ll be entitled to free Wi-Fi if you stay with them. It’s not that the hotel won’t have internet at all: it’s just usually a very mediocre connection, if not brain-numbingly slow. The same goes for trains, the difference being that they’ll actually charge you for slow internet.

It’s always best to bring your own gear: a router and a power strip. But in this day and age, who wants to lug around all that gear, just so you can send and receive emails? It’s much better to make sure that you’re geared up with mobile broadband instead, so all you’ll need is your phone.

2. Check your coverage

Mobile broadband is proliferating, but it’d be worth your time and money to check if the network you’re interested in covers your area of work or where you live. Don’t rely on the coverage maps that the providers have for your benefit: it’s best to just ask around the neighbourhood and find out which provider has the best coverage.

Before you commit to a long-term arrangement, borrow someone else’s mobile broadband to see how fast you can go when you tether the phone to your computer.

3. Watch out for capping

Different packages offer different usage levels, like with regular broadband internet. Whereas some networks will include a small amount of bundled traffic, others can include far more. Some will go as far to suggest that the service is ‘unlimited’. Before you charge towards the ‘unlimited’ package, make sure you read the small print.

Usually, there’s no such thing as ‘unlimited’ internet. It just means you’ll be able to download more than other services, but it will still probably be a fixed allowance, or will have some kind of ‘fair use policy’ attached.

The benefits of having strong, fast mobile broadband are many, but it’s important that you don’t get caught up in a less-than-exemplary connection. By following the above tips, it’ll make your search for the right connection for you much, much easier.

This was a guest post by Ben Williams, follow him on Google+ for more news and information.

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