Oxide is a UK based company, based in Bathgate, West Lothian, that aims to improve upon the design and look of many premium products by personalising them to your tastes with a range of colours and finished way beyond the original.

To ensure the highest quality finish, Oxide state that all products are carefully disassembled and individually customised by hand before then being reassembled.

Today they have unveiled their first bespoke product – Oxide Tyrian – a stunning pair of Beats Studios by Dr Dre headphones, which feature a metallic Tyrian purple and Argento Silver combination to create something far more eye-catching than the flat solid colours available as standard. There is also Oxide Lunar – another pair of Beats, this time finished in black and green.

Oxide Tyrian Custom Beats Studios Top View2

You can either buy the products brand new from Oxide, who will then customise it for you, or you can send in your existing products to have the Oxide treatment. The price isn’t cheap though – personalising a pair of Beats headphones will set you back around £140, but if standing out from the crowd is important to you then this will be money well spent.

>> Oxide Tyrian purchase page

If you want your electronics to stand out then keep an eye on Oxide as they will be expanding their growing range to include more premium custom electronics from Brands including Beats, Apple, Bose, Samsung and others.