7 Easy Ways To Start Saving Battery Life On iOS 7

The new iOS7 operating system includes many great new features and benefits, but those new things come with a significant downside. Many Apple enthusiasts are finding that the battery life on their phones, tablets and other devices has decreased following the installation of the new operating system.

There are some things Apple users can do to improve the battery life of their devices without impacting their usefulness. Some users may not need all the fancy new features of iOS7, and making a few adjustments can improve battery life significantly.


Say No to Parallax

Parallax was the subject of some controversy when the new iOS7 operating system was first rolled out. Some users complained that the new feature made them dizzy – and even nauseous.

Even if the Parallax feature does not induce vertigo, it will shorten the life of your battery. If you do not need it, you can disable Parallax by going to Settings, choosing General, then Accessibility and changing the Reduce Motion setting to on.

Turn Off AirDrop

AirDrop may be a fun feature, but it is not exactly a necessity. AirDrop will continue to use up your battery even when you are not using it. You can turn it off with a simple swipe of the Control Centre. Just hit the toggle feature and choose “Stop Searching for Wi-Fi.”

Shut Down the Background App Updates

Keeping your apps up to date is a great idea, but all that checking for updates can do a number on your battery. Turning off the background app updates in iOS 7 will reduce battery usage and let you get on to more important things. You can always update your favourite apps manually as you use them.

You can also increase your battery life by turning off background app refreshing. The concept is the same – all that refreshing uses up precious battery life for no good reason. If you need to constantly refresh your apps, leave the feature as it is. Otherwise, turn it off and save your battery.

Disable Unneeded Location Features

Location features make sense for some apps – like Google Maps for instance. Having your favourite mapping service know where you are makes it easier to get where you are going. Even so, your other apps may not benefit from location services. Turning them off for those apps will extend your battery life.

Disable the Auto Brightness Feature

Many users do not need the Auto Brightness feature, and disabling it will reduce battery usage. Simply go to Settings, then Wallpaper and Brightness to disable this feature.

Reduce Your Push Notifications

The new Apple iOS7 includes push notifications, and these notifications can sometimes be useful. Even so, all those push notifications add up – and battery life can suffer as a result. To disable push notifications, simply go to Settings, then Notification Centre and scroll down to the Include section. From there you can remove push notifications for the apps that do not need it.

You can further reduce battery usage by changing your email settings from push to fetch. This change means that your phone retrieves new email at set intervals instead of constantly searching for new messages.

Turn Off the “Raise to Speak” Feature on Siri

Siri may be a great assistant, but she needs a lot of power to get her job done. The “Raise to Speak” feature is particularly hard on battery life, and turning it off is one of the best ways to conserve your precious power. Simply go to Settings, then General, then Siri and turn off this feature.


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