“Energy Shisha” Electronic Shisha Stick Review

Well now… The ‘Energy Shisha‘ Electronic Shisha Stick.

An e-cig styled, Taurine and Caffeine delivery system brought to us by the ‘Energy Shisha’ brand has now hit the market. Apparently the world’s first, I have to admit to having a little moment when I first laid eyes on the packaging, it’s certainly a clever way to expand on the e-cig market.

The box makes several claims on the product’s behalf, such as increased alertness and reduced fatigue (suspiciously synonymous terms in my book) but I remained obviously intrigued, and had high hopes for the product overall before trying it. In reality though, this ended up becoming an exceptionally difficult review to write, for some rather complex reasons – but more on that later.

shisha-stick-img1Beginning at the superficial, material level, I should state that there is nothing wrong with the product in that respect. In terms of design, construction, packaging, ease of use and the user experience, everything exceeded all expectations.

It does exactly what it claims to – offering users a specifically calibrated dosage of both Caffeine and Taurine using the same atomising technology that powers electronic cigarettes.

The product came fully pre-charged and was working the second I removed it from the box. It’s all conveniently one piece, so I never had to encounter any e-liquid, which made a nice change. The white LED tip adds a satisfying visual element that distinguishes it from an e-cigarette.

To compare in terms of vapour and flavour production, the vapour volume is on par with brand leaders in the e-cig world, but the flavour is unmatched. This blows everything else out of the water and that unique, taurine taste is aptly present but not excessive. It’s a balance that appears to have been carefully navigated, and slowly perfected. I’ve been picking it up every day or two and using it in place of a coffee, and I can’t fault it’s stimulant properties. So nice work there. The battery is also exceptionally long lasting, even when the product is left unused for days at a time.

But…  Here’s my main issue, and it’s one I can’t seem to shake…

Now I say this as both an ex-smoker and a regular consumer of energy drinks… But something about the ease of use, the ‘instancy’ of the delivery, and the warning label on the back which reads: (Titled in large, bold, capitalised red lettering “We Recommend – No more than five three second puffs in succession”  followed by “No more than a total of twenty puffs within one hour.” threw me off..) – So if you want to live on the very edge, I suppose five puffs every fifteen minutes should see you right.

I guess it’s only natural to take a great deal of moral exception to fully promoting a product that yields the potential to do harm, through what seems to be only mild overindulgence. Because of that, this product can’t ever get a full ten out of ten, even though its performance merits a rating at that end of the scale.

The concept just seems unnecessary, I’m sorry to say. So it’s a great product, ideal as a stocking filler – as a bit of fun. But for regular use, I’m afraid it’s not for me. I’d say view this one with an equal blend of admiration, speculation, caution and concern.

Basically a terrible idea, executed perfectly.


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