Neptune Pine’s First Demo Video

If you’ve been following along with the latest Kickstarter project I backed, the Neptune Pine Smartwatch, you may be interested to see their first demo video which they released yesterday.

The lighting in the video isn’t the best, but you get a great look at the Pine being worn as a watch, and using it for Apps and Games.

The video gives a good look at using the Android interface on the Pine’s small 2.4″ display, changing settings and playing games like Angry Birds.

App navigation is a bit tedious if you have lots installed – the display only shows 2 rows or 3 at a time, which leads to lots of swiping, but I think the Pine will lead you to consolidate down to a few essential apps that work well on the smaller display.

I can see this being fantastic for social networking on the go, checking into Foursquare, updating Facebook and keeping an eye on Twitter. Even watching YouTube videos works quite well, although I wouldn’t sit back and watch a movie on it.

The only thing missing from the video, which I think will be  amazing on your wrist, is Google Now information. Details about traffic on your trip home popping up in front of you as you leave work will make this a fantastic device.

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