Employment demands have increased dramatically in recent years and employees are obligated to fulfil greater needs and bigger roles in order to maintain their position within a company. With unemployment at an all time high, those that are fortunate enough to be in a position of work feel they have to go the extra mile to prevent becoming another unemployed statistic.

The role of the employee constantly adapts to meet the demands of the working environment, and employees are now going beyond the typical working hours to complete additional tasks and increase efficiency in their own time. With measures in place such as bring your own device to work, employees are able to become mobile and access company data from any location.

Employee Changes

The mobile employee is the latest change to the role of the worker, as more become entirely focused on their job roles and attempt to increase their personal productivity and efficiency and that of the company. 73% of employees now consider themselves to be mobile workers with large portions of their jobs being completed away from the office.

Employees are becoming far more conscientious than ever before and a personal life is based mainly around working demands and functions, with holiday destinations being planned based on whether the accommodation has Wi-Fi capabilities.

People feel they are able to do their jobs better if they exceed the traditional working hours and take work home with them. Technology has made the idea of a mobile employee a reality.

The Technology Affect

There is a direct correlation between the increasing introductions of new technology and the changes, which have taken place to impact the role of the employee. 91% of smart technology owners use the devices to carry out work functions and the number of smartphone users is growing at a rapid rate of 42% a year.

The technology found within businesses has changed beyond recognition with processes being implemented based on the levels of technology, which is available. Employees now have greater access to company data and files and not just from the office environment.

Thanks to devices and modern technology, workers are able to access the information they need from remote locations in order to allow them to complete necessary tasks.

Cloud storage solutions are commonplace in the business environment and it is technology such as this that enables the employee constant access. Most employees combine the uses of their devices with personal and business related function to allow them to not only become familiar with technology, but to allow it to serve the purposes in which it was originally intended.

Mobile Benefits

There are a number of important benefits, which stem from becoming a mobile employee, which is why two thirds of the workforce will own a smartphone by 2016 with 40% of that workforce becoming mobile.

  • Employees are able to work from any location
  • Data entry time is reduced
  • A work life balance is improved as people are able to be more selective about when tasks will be completed
  • Sharing and collaborations with consumers and colleagues is increased
  • Employees can attend conferences without actually being there
  • Regularly use of technology will increase familiarity and will ensure employees are more confident when dealing with any format or device
  • Workers can do anything remotely that they are able to carry out at their desks
  • Reduces the cost of employment as businesses are able to collaborate with freelance contributors from across the globe rather than paying out permanent employee salaries

Image Source: http://applicationmagazine.com/mobile-hr-apps-for-recognizing/


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