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Virgin Media Announce Their iPhone Pricing

Virgin Media have announced their pricing for the latest iPhone5S and iPhone5C handsets.

Beginning Friday, November 22 in Virgin retail stores, online and tele-sales the iPhone 5s will be available starting at £69 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

The iPhone 5c will be available starting at £29 for the 16GB model and £69 for the 32GB model both on 24 month contracts. In addition, iPhone 4s will be available starting at £0.

As normal with Virgin Media deals, they will be offering cable customers extra value like £5 off their monthly mobile bill, inclusive insurance (the only network to do this for the iPhone) and free calls to other Virgin Mobiles. Virgin Media customers will also receive reduced up front fees compared to non cable customers.

So what does this mean for prices? Well, across their standard 24 month contract, the prices break down like this:

Model iPhone 5s 16GB iPhone 5s 32GB iPhone 5s 64GB iPhone 5c 16GB iPhone 5c 32GB iPhone 4s 8GB
Monthly Fee £41 £59 £71 £33 £41 £23
Voice (minutes) 1,200 – Any Net Unltd Unltd 200 – Any Net 1,200 – Any Net 100 – Any Net
SMS Unltd Unltd Unltd Unltd Unltd 250 – Any Net
Data 1GB 3GB Unltd 500MB 1GB 250MB
Upfront Fee £69 £69 £69 £29 £69 £0

The prices are a little confusing – presumably you can opt for the iPhone5S 16GB on the higher monthly tariff – say £59/month to get 3GB data, which should reduce the upfront cost?

Via: Virgin Media

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