E-Cigarettes – Did you ever think technology would also enter into smoking?

sparks ecigs

There was a time, when people didn’t have anything to do, they would simply pick up a cigarette from the bundle of pack they bought from the nearby tobacco shop, and would then burn it using a match box to enjoy the smoking fun. People seemed unaware that this kind of smoking fun would actually make them addicted to it and may even make them sick and ill and even cause lung cancer in several cases. According to the data released by National Cancer Institute cigarette smoking causes an estimated 443,000 deaths each year in United States. That means on average approx. 1213 people die everyday due to various diseases caused by smoking which is not a small figure and an issue of major concern for people living in an educated society in this civilized world. Some people smoke to show off their passion while many others are smoking as a result of something that happened in their life which is embarrassing for them or may be because of the depression coming into them due to unfortunate circumstances.

Ultimately the UK government at least took some serious steps to eliminate the use of cigarettes, when on 30th June 2007 they finally banned smoking in any enclosed workplace, as it had become too much troubling for even non-smokers due to the harmful chemicals coming out from the vapor released from the smoke of conventional cigarettes. However, they didn’t ban the selling of licensed tobacco products as it was helping the government to collect huge taxes from the manufacturers. Due to the great health hazards and addiction caused by the smoking of cigarettes, researchers were desperately looking for an alternative product which could replace the traditional cigarettes. The researchers finally came up with electronic cigarettes as an alternative to conventional cigarettes and this was the first time that technology even entered into smoking.

The word “electronic” was used to denote that an electronic cigarette is something that uses a small battery and cartridge and the battery is designed in such a way that it generates an electric charge when the device is inhaled by its user. The charge would then sets off vapor in the cigarette tube containing nicotine filled cartridge and the nicotine mist would then give the taste and experience of smoking without the smoke. The tobacco which contains harmful chemicals is actually not burnt in an electronic cigarette but instead the e-cigarette only uses nicotine which is also addictive but still much safer than traditional cigarettes.

It was difficult for smokers to quit smoking of traditional cigarettes instantly and the e-cigs were the only way for them to reduce the harm and quit smoking gradually. Smokers know it cause great pain when you try to quit smoking of regular cigarettes due to addiction and now people are reporting that the new technology in the smoking world have changed their life with the invention of e-cigs. In fact a person from UK, named Wayne Marler, was so impressed by this technology (as it helped him to quit smoking) that he started his own online e-cigarette store called as sparks-ecigs.co.uk to help others quit smoking and making money at the same time from this online e-commerce business.

But the truth is that the UK government still not regulated the e-cig products but they already announced that by the year 2016 all e-cig products would be regulated so that people can use them with more safety awareness and can use them as a medicine to replace traditional cigarettes. But the government also announced that e-cigarettes should not be marketed to non-smokers and minors as it would create more smokers instead of only used by people who are buying e-cigs as a replacement for regular cigarettes which burn tobacco.

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