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Naps. Everyone loves a good nap whether it’s a rainy day, or you just want to slumber in the summer – naps are never a bad thing. If you dig a good nap, you’re going to want to check out Napwell, the daytime sleep mask that cures sleep inertia.

As great as naps are, coming out of a nap hangover can be tough. Being groggy and zoned out at 2PM usually isn’t a good thing, especially if you were just trying to take a quick nap before handling an important task. This is where Napwell can come in handy as it gets rid of the yucky felling you have when your sleep cycle is broken, and it was designed by nappers at Harvard Med, MIT, and Stanford so you know it’s legit.
The premise behind Napwell is simple. The sleep mask lets you set a timer that will track your nap, and it will gradually wake you up before it’s time to actually rise. The inside of the mask also gets brighter as the timer counts down, and the simulated sunrise coupled with the masks gentle wake up system lets you wake up slowly without feeling loopy, confused, or tired.

The Napwell is high-tech, but it looks like your average sleep mask with a few technological tweaks. It’s designed to be comfortable and send you to sleep quickly. The final design may change somewhat, but what you see is pretty close to what you’ll get if the Kickstarter project is a success. So far the team has raised $13,412 of their $30,000 goal, and there’s still 36 days left on the clock.

The first Napwell’s are expected to ship out in September of 2014, and $50 bucks will net you one of the first Napwell’s coming off the line. If you want one a little sooner, you can become a Beta Tester for as low as $100, but the spots are limited so you’ll want to act fast. If Naps are your thing, hit the link below to check out the Napwell Kickstarter page.

Napwell on Kickstarter

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