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iPads in the Office: the Viability of Tablets in the Structure of Business

One factor business owners have to consider when trying to maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace is how to effectively use new technologies. Of all the recent technological innovations that have been made useful in offices around the world, it seem that tablet tech, particularly Apple iPads, have really taken a foothold in increasing productivity and stabilizing ease.

Tablets are known for their convenience as well as their user-friendly interface, making them popular for all ages for a variety of uses. They’re also great for business, however, which the following information will detail for any business person who is considering adding a tablet to their repertoire.

1. Presentations

Tablets more compact and mobile in comparison to their laptop brethren, and with the use of a VGA adaptor and accompanying presentation app (for which there are many), can be used to deliver professional presentations easily and on par with the quality of that produced on a laptop or desktop computer.

2. Sales

Tablets can be used as a digital portfolio, replacing the need to carry around paper documents or brochures. Showcasing your company’s products and/or services can become an incredibly effective, simple and consolidated task, merely by uploading the necessary files to your tablet. You can use the default Photos application on an iPad or else a presentation app as mentioned before.

3. Documentation Accessibility

With the use of cloud storage systems, such as Dropbox or SugarSync, tablets can be used to access documents from an office desktop from virtually anywhere. This means you don’t have to stress over bringing necessary files when you leave the office. Just bring your tablet along, sync it with your desktop, and you are good to go.

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4. Staying on Top of the News.

The size of tablets make it very conducive to monitoring the business landscape by reading online news while travelling or when arriving early to an appointment. The interface also allows for instant toggling between news apps, email, and whatever other resource you need to stay knowledgeable. SIM cards can also be installed in iPads for a relatively easy way of accessing and storing important information as well as transferring data from device to device, as detailed on www.sim-only.co.uk.

5. Productivity

Because tablets and iPads function as highly portable computers, there is a plethora of software apps available to enhance productivity from scheduling to social media interaction and beyond.  This software can be used effectively on its own, or else in conjunction with a desktop, giving you an additional monitor to increase productivity.

These five uses of tablets make them a staple for use in the office life for those who have taken full advantage of them. Companies are constantly enhancing their use of the cloud and uploading their business apps to it, increasing the tablets use for employees in both high and low-level positions. Despite the tablet’s generally accepted usefulness in the workplace, it does fall short in some key areas. Although the tablet can have impressive processing power, companies will still need desktops to handle the heavier tasks of data management and manipulation. Also, the tablet is yet to earn enterprise level security status, meaning it cannot be integrated into some high level networks that require the highest level of security.

Looking forward, Microsoft has released it improved version of its Surface tablet that seems to have upped the ante: the Surface 2. The Surface 2 claims to bridge the gap between laptops and tablets, offering the customer “the best of both” and is marketed as a “complete laptop replacement.” It allows the user to work with a mouse, a pen, or a keyboard, includes a full size USB port, and can run all the latest business apps, including Microsoft Word. Companies who have integrated the Surface 2 to manage their workflow include Delta Airlines, Palmetto Health and many more.

Whether or not the tablet will be a lasting technology remains yet to be seen. Thus far, the tablet has proved to be a useful business tool that is constantly improving with the creation of new software and uses. With the success of the Surface 2 and the consistent software enhancements for all tablets, it is only reasonable to think it is a technology that won’t be soon replaced. Until it is superseded by superior technology, the tablet is certainly worth incorporating into a business structure.


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