Neptune Pine Phone / Watch Successfully Funded On Kickstarter

So, it smashed it’s funding goal some time ago, but now its official and Neptune Pine, the phone the size of a watch, has finished and has been successfully funded via Kickstarter.

In the end the project was ‘over funded’ by 800%, yet again showing that the market for wearable tech is extremely popular.

The Neptune Pine takes the smartwatch concept and flips it on its head a bit. Instead of the watch being a secondary display and accessory to a phone it simply is the phone. Neptune Pine smashed through its $100k (CAD) funding level after about a week and finished at $801,224 (CAD).

Now we’re eagerly awaiting the production units which in a surprisingly quick turnaround will be shipping in January 2014 (with a toughened glass version shipping in March).

As per the screengrabs above, the Neptune Pine does a surprisingly good job of providing a decent experience ‘on the go’ and will literally always be a touch away on your wrist, making it ideal for quick social media updates and email checking.

Full Google Play Store access is available, so virtually all the Apps you would normally want to use on your Android phone will be available, the only exception being some high definition racking games or simulators. I think I can live without those on my wrist!

I’ll post again when I have it in my hands!

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