You can’t have Christmas without a Christmas tree, and while they can be a pain to put up, they tend to make the holidays a little more festive. The days of putting a tree together branch by branch and getting tangled up in lights has slowly gone the way of the dinosaur, and now Sony is really kicking things up a notch with their NFC Christmas tree.

NFC is a handy little feature Android smartphone users have been enjoying for a while, and Sony has put together an NFC Christmas tree that will make your jaw drop. You simply need to pair your favorite device with NFC tag on the tree to sync up then you’ll be able to set off a lightshow through an app. While we’re not sure how many colors you can do, the app shows a gradient slider, so there seems to be plenty of options. Sony’s NFC Christmas tree also lets you go Disco, and there’s even a portable NFC speaker hanging in the tree designed to look (kind of) like an nfc christmas tree

As cool as the NFC tree is Sony has had a pretty busy year so it won’t be available to purchase this holiday season. While the news is sad, don’t pout as you can win one this year through the Sony Mobile UK Facebook page and the #UpgradeMyTree competition which is expected to kick off soon. While no official announcement has been made, it’s pretty safe to say Sony’s NFC Christmas tree will be a little easier to get next year if the contests go well.

via – Pocket-lint