Take your Smartphone off the Grid with The Scottevest Blackout Pocket

Privacy is a big deal these days with all the reports of e-snooping, credit card scamming, and cell phone tracking. If you want to stay off the grid, it isn’t as easy as it used to be, but the Scottevest Blackout Pocket can help to make things a little bit simpler if you want to keep your credit card and smartphone safe from prying eyes.

The Scottevest Blackout Pocket is essentially a Faraday cage that looks like a small pouch or pencil case.  There’s no on switch or tricky cables to fool with either, you simply need to drop your device into the pouch and seal it up by following a few simple steps. The Blackout Pocket comes in three different levels of security as well, although only two are available to the public.blackout pocket
Blackout Pocket Level 1 will provide basic RFID blocking that will help card against credit card skimming and other means of digital pickpocketing that are on the rise around the globe. If you want to keep your smartphone safe, you’ll want to opt for the level two pocket which offers the same protection as the level one case, but can truly take you off the grid by blocking anything incoming or outgoing. You don’t even need to think about the Scottevest Blackout Pocket Level III as its only available to law enforcement, government, and “special” agencies. No other information is available on the pocket aside from the fact that it’s sold out.
Whether you think the whole “snooping” thing is overkill or you feel like the Federales are getting ready to kick in your door, the Scottevest Blackout Pocket is a very cool gadget. It would definitely be handy for those traveling abroad in areas known for skimming and scamming, and the price is right as you can protect your cards and e-passports for $20 while the smartphone pocket will only set you back $40 bucks. You can find out more about the Blackout Pockets over at Scottevest’s official site.

Via – Wired

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