Streaming media is simple these days, but casting a video from your smartphone is still tricky – or at least it was. The AllCast app just popped (back) onto Google Play today, and it makes sharing videos a breeze.

You may have heard of “Koush” Dutta’s AllCast app before. Originally it worked alongside Chromecast as a way to stream media to the TV, but it was rendered useless when Google updated Chromecast which effectively killed the app. Now the AllCast app is back sans Chromecast support, and it can deliver media to a wide range of devices.

The AllCast app will allow you to send photos and videos from your favorite Android device to the Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and via DLNA Renderers. You can also stream to Smart TV’s from Panasonic and Samsung along with Google TV’s. There are a few notable absences on the list, but more will be added soon along with music support.

People love taking videos around the holidays, and the AllCast app has come back at the perfect time. The app does exactly as advertised, and it comes in a basic free version or a premium version ($4.99) that adds a few features while removing vide length restrictions and ads. It doesn’t support Chromecast at this time, but you can expect that to change as soon as Google releases the full API.