Comparethemarket Launches Snapt To Help Save The Nation £9.2bn On Energy Bills

snapt free energy saving app

In these cost conscious times, people are looking to save money on their bills, and doing so in the easiest way possible. And this is where technology, in the form of mobile devices and mobile applications steps in, making the task of saving money easier – ignore for a second how much we technology lovers waste invest in our tech in the first place.

One of the largest household bills we all have, after the rent or mortgage is our energy. Everyone knows they might save something by switching, but how much hassle is it to make that switch? It puts most people off.

To help solve this problem, has launched a mobile tool called Snapt which aims to make identifying your energy needs, and providing the ebst alternative suppliers/tariffs to switch to as simple as possible.

Traditionally, to compare energy prices customers are asked to fill out a form with technical questions such as how many kilowatt-hours they consumed in the last quarter. But this can be  difficult to find on your bills, leaving many people finding it too complicated and giving up.

Removing any confusion and hassle by doing all the hard work, the free Snapt app simply asks users to take a picture of their energy bill and will find the best energy tariff within just 10 minutes. The steps are simple:

  1. Download Snapt onto your iPhone from iTunes
  2. Snap – take a picture of your energy bill
  3. Relax – the Snapt team will analyse your bill for you within 10 minutes
  4. Sorted – receive your quotes with the best deals for you
  5. Save money by following the simple steps to switching supplier

Benjamin Braun, Head of Customer Experience at says:

84% of households aren’t changing their energy supplier as they feel the process is too time consuming and confusing. Snapt will make it as easy as possible for people to see how much they can save. The average household could reduce their annual bill by as much as £3503 by switching to a better deal.

Snapt, the free app, is available in the iTunes UK store to download now.

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