Keep Your Priorities Straight with VIPaList

There’s always a choice for everything and not everything has to be your responsibility. If you’re tired of having to answer calls from people here and there, then simply don’t. Whether it’s for the reason that you’re busy or you’re just really think it’s best to let some dusts fly in the wind, if you want to avoid the relentless ringing of your phone even at times of crisis or your moment of peace, then you better use this call blocking app called VIPaList.

VIPaList is an app created for the iPhone with its that lets users silence or block calls that they don’t want to take. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5, but it also works up to par with the iPad and the iPod Touch for as long as they are running in iOS6.

VIPaList is conceptualized for specificity of calls to receive and deny. That means you can create an accurate list of people you want to hear from or consider to be top priority and contacts you want silenced as they call. In that sense, it helps you not prevent any kind of false hope since you know that when your ringer sirens, that means the call is of some level of import to you.

The app has different modes for a vast amount of preferences. The first one would be the Allowed Mode that lets you group all of the contacts that you want to activate the ringer and show on the screen when they call. The next one would be the D-List Mode that silences the ringer and leaves the screen on saver mode, meaning black, in a certain time frame for reasons that you may be doing something like paperwork, business meeting or quality time with friends, family or with yourself. Another mode, which I really love, would be the Places Mode, which activates the ringer and the screen caller details only when the person calling you is in a place you prefer them to be calling from.

There are a couple more features worth noting about the app and they are as follows:

Suppress All Callers – Simply not hear any of your contacts as they call you, redirecting them to your voicemail so you can just check the soonest you have the time for a breather.

Map View and Places – The app simply goes beyond its scope by edging itself to help you keep tabs on new places you’ve been to. After having recorded the spots you have discovered to be worth crashing in from time to time, the app will map things out for you so you can be guided during your next visits.

Receive or Block Calls by Nature – If you don’t want telemarketers bugging you again or you want to prioritize international distance calls, you can tweak on the settings to accept or block callers according to where they come from, what purposes they may be calling for and a couple more based on the kind of numbers they are using.

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