For busy individuals who doesn’t have enough time to organize their social networks one by one, they’d rather opt for an app that could fuse all of these sites in just one application.

With the use of a 3D social app called MyBloc, one could have the privilege of cutting a whole lot of time as they access all of their social networking sites. Best of all, this app may be used on an iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Combining all of the selected apps into one, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The user just need to download this application and he can automatically see all the most up-to-date happenings with all of his contacts and friends.

Completely Hassle-free

This 3D social app envisions to make each and every social life relatively easy. More so, it doesn’t matter if a user don’t even have an account on every social networking site. What’s important is, to have an account that he can use to access this 3D social app. By creating a free account in MyBloc, one could enjoy the benefits that the app offers.

Furthermore, what’s cool is the appearance of this 3D social app. Wherein, it’s meant to mimic a 3D cube and on each side is a post from different social accounts. The bloc could rotate freely on its own and display all the latest happenings while the user can fully utilize its benefits. Though, assuming that a user would rather do it manually, it’s definitely possible. He can go to the actual network by simply tapping on the left side of the MyBloc screen.

Expectations Fulfilled

For Twitter, it’s possible to view the feeds, tweets, retweets, and even mentions. For Instagram, the photos and feeds are available. For Facebook, you can see the photos, status, and the news feeds. Being a revolutionary app, it basically offers everything within your reach.

Also, the user interface is extremely trendy as well, specifically to this type of information. Unlike other apps that merge your social networks but are quite disorganized, MyBloc has a very cool design the gives a different vibe to its users. In fact, by just watching the bloc rotate, you’ll be supplied with the latest information available. It’s something that’s actually a whole lot more interesting compared to the traditional means of reading your feeds. An app that’s very user friendly, you’ll definitely feel at ease while enjoying its features.

Final Verdict

MyBloc is something that you’ll truly go for; because of it’s unique, yet remarkable design. It’s a unique 3D social app that’s would truly be helpful for those who have a smartphone and want to experience a smooth-sailing social interaction with their friends online. Everything looks promising with MyBloc. As a matter of fact, the developers are even hinting that they’ll be updating the features of this app soon enough. For those who are interested, download the app yourself and experience the convenience it provides.