Golf playing just got better with this new app myGolfstats + GPS, developed by Bill Helman. This great iPhone app, could be the perfect gift for all golf lovers. myGolfstats + GPS is very easy to use and provides real stats that the professional golf players get. The iPhone app is free to download, but to get the best out of it you’ll have to pay for an annually subscription. The subscription will cost you $2.99 paid twice every year and will give you access to more than 33,000 courses worldwide, handy stats in real time, no in-app purchases, no adds, and fitted with a GPS system. That’s certainly a good deal for your money. Other golf stats applications can cost you between $10 and $15.

What is the iPhone app called myGolfstats + GPS?

If you are a golfing enthusiast, then this iPhone app should suit you just right. myGolfstats + GPS helps keep a good track of your golf scoring and other important statistics of the game. The app quickly and easily presents to you the progress of your golf game every time you input the score.

The GPS and iGolf Database

This golf stats app is special because it comes with a live GPS program. When you turn the app on you have access to 30,000 golf courses registered within its database and you have everything mapped out. You will see the topography of the golf course you are playing in and you can know what areas you can take to your advantage. This tool is also convenient whenever you have to ride that golf car because you’ll know the way to any place in the golf course.


Users of myGolfstats + GPS can have access not only to the complete scoring stats, but they also can keep their own scores too. Golf players can enjoy sand saves, putts, GIR, as well as driving. myGolfstats + GPS app accommodates up to 4 simultaneously players. This app features a GPS and a database system with over 33,000 courses with a scorecard. The app points out the location of the pin. You can share the golf game stats with your family and friends on Twitter and Facebook. The application includes GIR, tracking of fairways, scrambling, and handicap settings. myGolfstats + GPS also allows users to play golf with virtual money shots. You will easily be able to pick up the right golf club for you because the application display the club distances from your location.


myGolfstats + GPS app is one of the best golf stats iPhone applications on the market and offers a wide range of useful features for golf players.