Orange today announced an extremely welcome move in its role as a leading European carrier. The change aims to deliver the best roaming experience to its customers, by integrating roaming in domestic high-end tariffs across its entire European footprint.

The new tariffs are launching across Orange’s key European markets, including France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Slovakia and Luxembourg and implemented throughout 2014.

Roaming will be included on a range of tariffs starting from €30 per month, depending on local market dynamics. In France, for example, Origami Play customers receive unlimited voice and SMS in Europe and the French overseas territories and can use data for up to seven or 14 days a year (with a cap of 1 GB or 2 GB respectively, per year) for €32.90 a month.

The initiative is coupled with the news that Orange will launch 4G roaming from February for customers in France travelling to the UK, Portugal and South Korea.

Further to this, technical readiness to deliver 4G roaming has been achieved in a further six markets including the UK (EE), Spain, Romania, Portugal and Moldova. 4G roaming will be fully available across Orange’s European footprint by the end of 2014, including major destinations outside of Europe.

Stéphane Richard, Chief Executive Office, Orange, commented:

Orange shares its customers’ conviction that using a mobile phone abroad should be worry-free. Today’s bold initiatives are designed to deliver on that promise, removing the need for many of our frequent roamers to even think about taking out a separate bundle. The results of our first Go Europe offers indicate that we are striking a chord with our customers, and we hope that these new improvements will instil further confidence that using your mobile abroad won’t bite.