We’ve covered the high tech toy known as Sphero several times over the past year, and today we’re going to take a look at the newest product in their lineup, the Sphero 2B. If you though the original ball was a blast, prepare to be blown away as Sphero 2B has quite a few tricks up its sleeve…

Sphero 2B is the third iteration of Sphero, and Orbotix decided to shake things up this time around with an all new look. Sphero 2B is more rugged than the previous model, and for good reason, as those new wheels allow it to gain more traction. You can even swap them out if you decide to go from running through the grass outside to the hardwood indoors.

Looks aren’t the only thing that’s changed – Sphero 2B is twice as fast as its predecessor and rated to hit 14mph. If you’re worried about the Sphero 2B running out of juice at those breakneck speeds, don’t fret as the company says it still keeps the same battery life (1 hour) of the previous models. It’s also programmable, waterproof to an extent and will be customizable with a range of accessories like new wheels and covers.sphero 2B

Sphero 2B is definitely different from the previous models, and Orbotix managed to keep the price in the same range at only $99. Sphero 2B will work with your iOS and Android devices, and while no firm release date has been given, you can expect to pick one up this fall.

Sphero 2B