Looking up things on the web on a whim is pretty simple with a smartphone, but what if you’re unsure about what you’re looking at?

CamFind can answer that question as many iOS users have found out.

The popular iOS app finally made the jump to Android today, and if you rock an Android device it’s an app you’ll definitely want to check out.

CamFind is a visual search engine. This means there is no typing involved, just photographs – you snap a picture and it pulls up relevant search results. The interface is simple and easy to use as well. You have a button for snapping photos, a clock that shows your history, and another that lets you access to some options like search by voice or change the language.

Once you snap a picture, you’ll get a bar across the top of the screen that shows your query and gives you the option of deleting or renaming it along with some social sharing. When CamFind finishes its search the results are presented on the screen and vary depending on what you’ve searched for. You can tap on an old search at any time to pull up its results. Easy Peasy…

CamFind claims it can find almost anything including landmarks, movies, and random objects. It’ll do QR codes and barcodes as well and can pull up film info from a poster. Want some coffee? Take a pic and it can pull up coffee houses nearby. You get the idea. While we didn’t shoot any landmarks, we did go on a photo spree taking pictures of several random things and CamFind had a high success rate with most of the objects we shot.

While CamFind couldn’t identify everything we threw at it (collectibles, artwork), it was able to pull up results quickly more often than not. It’s definitely an interesting way to search and if you’re not going for something obscure, it should be able to help you identify a lot of things while you’re on the go. If you want to check it out, you can pick up Image Searcher Inc.’s CamFind for free on Google Play.