Rumor: LG set to manufacturer Flexible Displays for the iWatch

Wearable tech started popping up everywhere last year with names like LG, Sony, and Samsung getting in on the smartwatch craze. Apple is one of the biggest players on the mobile scene and while we know they are putting out a smartwatch eventually, details have been light. Today we got a little more info as it appears LG may be the ones producing the displays on the iWatch.

Reports coming out of Korea are saying that LG has landed the deal to produce millions of curved screens for Apple’s upcoming iWatch. The displays are supposedly 1.52 inches in diameter, and they will be Plastic OLED screens ala LG’s curved G Flex. Aside from the LG being the manufacturer of the plastic OLED’s, details are sparse, but the report says that LG is expected to start cranking out the displays between July and September of this year with an initial run of 2 million displays.

While the iWatch is still in the rumor phase, we all know it’s coming so it’s just a matter of when. If the recent reports regarding manufacturing dates are true, the iWatch is gearing up for a holiday release towards the end of the year. We’re not even going to guess what the device may cost, but you can expect the iWatch to be the best looking smartwatch around once it hits the streets.

The original report was pulled from the web, but you can check out the cached & translated version at the link below. As always, take any rumors with a grain of salt.

Source – DigitalDaily (translated), via – Macrumors

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