The Galaxy Camera was a popular little gadget when it first hit the streets, and today Samsung took the wraps of the Galaxy Camera 2. It’s bigger and badder than the previous model, and if you enjoy sharing pics it might be the perfect camera for you.

The original Galaxy Camera was a 16.3 MP shooter with 21X zoom and a 4.8-inch touchscreen display. Nothing has changed in that department as the Galaxy Camera 2 keeps those specs, but bumps up the processor to 1.6GHz and doubles the memory to 8GB. It also received a bit of a weight cut, and it’ll rock Android 4.3 out of the box.While nothing changed with the lens, Samsung’s new image processing setup is supposed to make your pictures pop.galaxy camera 2

The Galaxy Camera 2 is built for folks that like to share photos, and Samsung has made things simple with features like Tag & Go, Photo Beam, Mobile Link, and Remote Viewfinder. There’s also Creative Capture which gives users 28 pre-set modes so they can quickly snap photos in almost any condition. Want to speed things up or slow it down? Not a problem with Multi Motion Video as you can set the speed of the capture and make slo-mo movies.

The Galaxy Camera 2 looks to be a nice little shooter for those wanting to try an Android-based camera, but it’s still light years away from those pricey DSLR’s. Samsung hasn’t set an official release date or price for the Galaxy Camera 2, but you can expect it to be shown off at CES next week.

Via – Samsung Mobile Press