Snapchat Hack puts 4.6 million users Information on the Web

snapchat hack

Snapchat has become an extremely popular way to send and receive photos, and it’s used by millions of folks daily. That’s probably going to change as news of a massive Snapchat hack has hit the web, and a 4.6 million users have been affected.

The Snapchat hack hit a security vulnerability that was reported last week by Gibson Security researchers. Snapchat responded to the claims by saying it wasn’t a big deal, and that hit had put measures into place to make the Snapchat hack more difficult to pull off. Looks like whatever they had in place certainly wasn’t enough as 4.6 million people’s usernames and phone numbers were posted onto As you can imagine, this is a huge issue as a lot of people use the same info on multiple sites.

Privacy is part of the draw of Snapchat is that it “vanishes” your pictures so they can be seen by the recipient for only a brief period of time. Unless you take a quick screenshot that is. The Snapchat hack is definitely a big deal considering their app is all about privacy, and their initial response to the folks at Gibson was a bit underwhelming. The site posting user’s information has been taken down, but as with anything on the net, once you put it out there… it’s out there.

If you’ve been affected by the Snapchat hack, there’s already a site up that can help you check against the list to see if your information was posted.  You can thank Gibson Security for the site, and the folks at Snapchat should be thanking them as well.

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