Are Explainer Videos The New Infographic?

Marketing is essential to any business and is most particularly interesting when considering businesses online. From bloggers to big corporations, an online presence is very important considering today’s technology and online activity.

Individuals want information NOW and pass on information they find interesting or important. The key to any business survival online is to be able to become a known presence.

Businesses will use different tactics to become popular or relevant online. Social media is a large component of an online presence as is an official website. Over the past few years a common practice for marketing was the infographic. An infographics is a collection of information that is shown in a visual way. Instead of using just plain old words, an infographic will use phrases and pictures to create a data visualization, stimulating the reader.

explainer videos samples

Infographics should be simple, colorful and intriguing. When done correctly, an infographic is enjoyed and shared over social media and email, thus propelling a company to higher popularity mark. However, as popular as infographics have become, explainer videos may be taking the forefront. An explainer video is basically taking the infographic to an entirely new level.

With an explainer video, a company has the option of creating a moving data visualization. This has become the popular choice among bloggers and major companies. With an explainer video, the creator can create a visual marketing tool. A skilled explainer video creator will be able to take a small idea and use animation and sound to create a video that will be enjoyed and shared, to move the company to the next level of marketing.

Think about it. Millions of people log online every day and watch videos, thousands and thousands of videos. When you log on to Facebook you see video after video that are being shared between friends. The same can happen to an explainer video as well. A regular video is around 3 to 5 minutes long, sometimes longer. An explainer video is very short, just a minute, sometimes less. But the data used is still informative and the point is understood by the viewer.

By keeping the video short and sweet, companies know their point will get across to the audience and the product or service will be used and the video passed along. Because social media is at an all time high, companies can expect their videos to be shared thousands of times in a very short time frame, if the video is found to be captivating and popular.

Explainer videos can be used to discuss what your company is about. You can place this type of video at the beginning of your webpage. This type of video can also be used to explain products or services that the company provides. Keep the content short and sweet to keep the viewers’ attention, this is the key to this type of marketing.

When considering explainer videos for marketing potential, it is essential that a company works with a seasoned creator. A professional will be able to speak with you about your business and determine what direction in which to go for the explainer video. You want to create an intriguing message that is clear and concise. A professional will be able to create a plan, build animations and then put the video to work. By working with someone who has experience, you can expect your company to have not only a successfully marketing campaign but also longevity in the given industry.

Check out Infographic World for details on Explainer Videos.


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