Today, on February 4th 2004, Facebook was created by its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Now, Facebook is currently the worlds largest social network with 1.15billion monthly active users, has taken Mark to No.20 in the Forbes Top 400 richest men in the USA and has even had a movie made about it’s origins and early years.

To celebrate DPFOC have made a nice infographic¬†which I thought I’d share, charting Facebook’s growth from inception (when it was “TheFacebook”) to current day. It charts the growth of Facebook covering major events in its history such as when the domain was bought for $200,000 in December 2005 to its IPO in May 2012.Other interesting info includes the number of users by country, here in the UK we have 31.1million and the average amount of time spent on Facebook with each visit – 20 minutes.