How To Configure My Family in the Windows Phone Website

My family, on the Windows Phone website, is how to enable downloads of apps and games for your child. If your child has Windows Phone 8, you can also manage your configuration download applications and games, including rankings of the games in the My Family.

To configure My Family, you need to log in with the email address and password of the account of Microsoft’s son and parents. Then you accept the terms of use of Windows Phone Store, so your child can download applications.

If you want your child can also download games from Xbox, you have to go to the Xbox website and accept the Terms of Xbox on your behalf. They are independent of the Terms of Use of the Windows Phone Store.

Having problems? See Frequently Asked Questions about family to find answers to some common configuration questions.


-My Family is only available in Windows Phone 8.

-To configure my family and my child can download applications and games

-On your PC, go to my family in the Windows Phone website.

You can Log in with the email address and password for the Microsoft account of parents. There is no problem if the parents do not have Windows Phone: My family can be configured anyway. If parents do not have Microsoft account they can create one.

In the configuration page of my family, click start. (If you have already added a son to my family or if you have previously configured a family with other Microsoft services that may not see the start option. In that case, you can click add a child). To add your son to my family, click goes in the login page; enter your email address and password for the Microsoft account of your son. If your child does not have a Microsoft account, click register to create one.

Thereafter, your child can download applications from the Windows Phone Store. To add another parent to my family, click adds a father in the home of my family. Parents can jointly manage the configuration of the children, but cannot modify the configuration of the other parent. Getting your child to download games from Xbox, go to, sign in with your child’s account and follow the instructions to accept the Terms of Xbox.

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