Huawei Confirms Smartwatch Launch At Mobile World Congress

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According to the WSJ a Huawei spokeswoman has confirmed that Huawei will be releasing their own smartwatch at Mobile World Congress, which starts February 24th.

The smartwatch will be debuted alongside a new handset which there are no details about other than its not the new Ascend P6 successor (P6S?) which Huawei have confirmed will have its own launch event after MWC.

Huawei, the third largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung and Apple, should at least make a smartwatch that is compatible with Android in general, unlike the Galaxy Gear which was limited to supporting a subset of Samsung specific devices – although this might change with the rumoured release of the Galaxy Gear 2 also at MWC.

It remains to be seen what tack Huawei take the with their device, smartwatches are split into 2 main camps, those like the Pebble that serve as a notification and basic phone control device, or those like the Gear which offer full functionality on your wrist.

Source: WSJ

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