Generations of kids growing up will never know what a ‘mix tape’ is, but for those that do, here’s a nifty little product from Prezzybox that brings back the charm.

Visually this looks exactly like an old school audio cassette, complete with hand-written track names on the inside. But of course, no-one actually wants a mix-tape anymore, I’ve haven’t had a cassette player in my possession for years, so neatly inside is a 1GB USB key, capable of storing up to 900minutes of audio (depending on quality).

You have to drag the MP3/AAC/WMA music files onto the device manually, there’s no handy tool, and of course they’ll need to be DRM free, no dragging iTunes purchases on here and expecting your sweetheart to be able to play them. Steve doesn’t roll like that.

mix tape usb

USB Mix Tape is available to buy from Prezzybox for £14.95.