Nokia Releases its First Android Operating System Based Phones

nokia form strategic partnership with microsoft

Nokia finally confirmed the rumours and presented at the first day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), a new family of smartphones, the X, X + xL, with a key change from their previous Windows Phone handsets to date –  they are using Android.

It is though a modified version with an artistic design that bears a strong resemblance to Windows Phone.

The Finnish company was acquired last year by Microsoft, the maker of Windows Phone. The new invention of Nokia Lumia and with its line was the “socio Windows Phone” from Microsoft, even before joining the Redmond giant, so the new “X” line is an unusual decision.

The three smartphones Nokia introduced today during his event at the MWC run a deeply modified version of Android (similar to what Amazon does with the Google platform in its Kindle Fire) , that presents a familiar interface for users of Windows Phone with a clone of its live tile interface.

The X line phones run AOSP (Android Open Source Project) modified for using these phones without having access to Google Play and other key Google Services (Google Now etc.) with Apps provided by a separate app store. There will be key Microsoft and Nokia approved  services though and that is why the new equipment will come with rivals ,Skype, Maps and Outlook though it’s the default browser.

The hardware level of X, X +, and XL Lumia family that share with various colours and tremendously. Moreover as mentioned by Nokia, though it is more economical but these three form an intermediate cell between Asha and the Lumia, medium and high. The cost of these three new phones is between € 89 and € 109 before taxes and subsidies. All are designed with slots for dual SIM.

Actually the X is specifically targeted to rising markets such as Africa, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Europe and also some countries in Latin Latina. Nokia said “it is immediately available for purchase “in those region and the X + and XL will reach their destination in the second quarter of markets not yet covered.

>> Checkout the Nokia X line on the official Nokia website

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