Review: iPhone 5 / 5S Wallet Leather Case

iPhone 5 and 5S Wallet Leather Case - Featured

Owners of iPhone’s are always looking for the best way to keep them safe and scratch free, whilst aesthetically beautiful they’re incredibly prone to scuffs and scratches.

So cases for them are in abundance, and like many other owners I’ve been through my fair share of them. But I’ve started to look for cases that do a bit more than just protect the iPhone – ones that are useful too.

And that’s where the iPhone 5 / 5S Wallet Leather Case comes in, not only does it keep your precious handset safe but it also lets you leave your wallet at home as you can take up to 2 credit cards with you inside.

The case itself is made of soft PU leather and is extremely comfortable to hold. The clasp is held in place magnetically, which keeps the front cover close over the phone.

The rear is much the same, but has the standard cut-out for the iPhone rear facing camera.

Inside there is a plastic holder for the iPhone, with the same cut-out for the rear camera, and a side one for the volume and mute buttons.

The sides grip the iPhone snugly and do not protrude any higher than the front glass of the iPhone, leaving swiping in from the edge of the phone still simple.

My only criticism would be the plastic is glued to the leather case, and when removing the phone from the case you need to be careful not to pull on the leather as it starts to pull on the glue bond. Make sure you ‘pop’ the phone out of the hard plastic and you should be ok.

Inside the front panel are the 2 slots for storing credit/debit cards in, and if you are the kind of person that lives off just one or two cards, this case can be all you need to leave the house with.

The increasing ability for shop reward / loyalty cards to be used as an App or your phone means that we should all need to be carrying fewer physical cards around with us.

Here is a view with both the iPhone and two cards loaded into the case, and as you can see its unobtrusive and works well.


In summary, this is a very handy case for those that can travel light with their plastic, the quality is ok considering the very competitive price, just £6.20 from MyTrendyPhone online.

>> Buy the iPhone 5 / 5S Wallet Leather Case from for just £6.20!

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