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Are E-Cigarettes The Future of Smoking?

July 1st 2007 was a date that most smokers around England remember well. It was the date that the smoking ban was enforced, whereby you could not smoke in pubs, clubs, and in any indoor or enclosed work places.

For long-term smokers, this was a major time. With designated smoking shelters being constructed outdoors, it was great for the summer periods but awful in the Winter. Let’s face it, living in the UK, we don’t really see the best weather in Summertime.

So what is the alternative?

The alternative comes in the form of an E cigarette (this Vapourlites e cig is one of the top sellers in the UK), which can be used legally indoors, as they are often battery-powered devices that give you that same nicotine hit, but without the toxic vapours that can cause passive smoking. In most cases, electronic cigarettes resemble a standard cigarette, but there are plenty of different looking ones as we head deeper into 2014.

So what are e-cigs and why are they so popular now?

The truth is that researchers have found that smokers who have ditched their usual cigarettes for electronic ones are more likely to lead a healthier life, they are also key in helping people quit smoking altogether with research showing they are just effective, if not more, than nicotine patches.

How Do They Work?

Rather than inhaling the toxic substances found in tobacco, e-cigarettes contain something quite different. Instead of inhaling toxic substances, users of an e-cig will inhale vaporised liquid nicotine sometimes referred to as E liquid (UK seller of E Liquid).

These liquids can also be purchased in different flavours, so you can experience the likes of cherry, apple and strawberry.

What About Legal Ages?

As this is being written, there are debates going on in Wales on whether the purchasing age of electronic cigarettes should be set to 18 years of age, and if they should be curbed in certain public places. However, as e-cigs are not subject to tobacco laws they can be purchased at shops and online without any need to provide proof of age at the moment in the United Kingdom.

This of course raises the question of “Isn’t this encouraging kids to smoke?” Which is what we are seeing in the Welsh debate at the moment, as they look to set an age restriction in place.

How Much Nicotine Do They Contain?

Are E-Cigarettes The Future of Smoking - insertThis all depends on you, and how much you want. You see, e-cigs contain liquid-nicotine cartridges that range in strength. Therefore, you can chose to have the same levels of nicotine found in a normal cigarette, or you can plump to go lower or higher.

The cartridges are usually sold in packs of five, or you can buy the liquid yourself and just refill the cartridges to save on costs.

If you are in the transition period of moving from usual cigarettes, then you can pickup starter e-cig kits that contain the e-cig itself, a few cartridges to get you going, and the battery that can be recharged once it has been depleted.


With all the benefits of moving from your standard cigarettes to e-cigarettes it’s definitely worth the venture. With starter kits available and the health benefits, you can always try electronic cigarettes before you fully commit to them.

There are plenty of benefits that outweigh the negatives: You can smoke indoors, they aren’t are not as much a hazard to your health, and you won’t smell of tobacco. If you are looking to give up then they also play a part in that stage.

On the negative side, they are more expensive than standard cigarettes at first or the kits, but the E Liquid over time will make it cheaper. You will need to take that into account before you go head first into the world of the e-cigarette.


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