eBay has introduced its new Collections feature, a way of grouping together sets or themes of items that you love or want to share with friends.

Being a frequent eBay user, I thought I’d give the new feature a go, and create a range of collections of my own.

What use are Collections?

Collections, as already mentioned, are simply groups of things you love on eBay. You put them together, comment on them, and share them with your friends and the eBay community. You can put together a Collection to plan your new kitchen, accessorise your wardrobe, or simply group all your favourite gadgets together.

You can then open that Collection up so others can take a look, comment on the things you’ve added, and maybe even start a discussion on why you’ve picked one particular thing ahead of another.

My Collections

I put together a range of collections on my eBay page, from toys to speakers to funky USB gadgets! My favourite collection is of things for our impending new baby, and I found a great range of gadgets that will help us look after, entertain and keep our new baby girl safe.

Of course the tech obsessive inside me had to put together a collection of personal fitness tracking electronics, something that will become more important as I have less time to exercise and need to make sure I stay healthy. Devices that track your activity throughout the day, heart rate, and even the Nike Fuel band that alerts you when you’ve been idle too long are all a fantastic help in staying fit.

So go ahead and give the new eBay Collection features a go yourself, if nothing else it will give you more reason to browse around eBay searching for bargains like I did!

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