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Protect Your Kids Online With Qustodio Safe Browser

Nowadays, our kids are growing up too fast. Maybe it’s the technological age or humans have just become faster, no matter the case, our children learn to use more technological gadgets sooner than we initially expect. One such gadget is the home computer. Most households in the first, second and third worlds have access to a computer. Be it a desktop computer, a laptop or even a Smartphone that has web access, our children know how to use them and how to get online.

Needless to say, this presents a whole set of perils and concerns for parents. Not every single website online is kid friendly. And since we can’t hover or breath down our kids’ necks all the time, we have to find a way to keep them safe online. We have to find a safe browser. That is exactly what ‘Qustodio safe browser’ is.

What is Qustodio Safe Browser?

As far as the parent is concerned, this is their best friend. Qustodio is the safest browser app you have been waiting for. It is web based and therefore requires no hardware purchasing nor does it have any complicated set-up procedures. It is simple to use and absolutely effective.

How does Qustodio work?

Qustodio has a full array of settings that allows a parent to control what their child can and cannot access online. You determine which websites, categories, and even the time when your kid can go online. It gives you complete control over your household internet.


Easy to read dashboard and analysis

Qustodio goes the extra mile to make sure that the analysis presented to you is compiled in a very easy to read and understand format. You basically get simple charts and graphs that show when your kid logged in, where they went and how much time they spent there, where they tried to go but were blocked and what time they logged out. It also gives you a rundown of the potentially non-kid friendly sites your child visited.


This is the best feature, besides the fact that it allows you to monitor your kid’s web activities. Qustodio is a silent app that runs undetected on any device that it has been installed on. This means that no one will know it is there and therefore cannot tamper with it.

Remote access

For those parents who are constantly on the go, Qustodio allows you to manage your home devices remotely. This means that you can reconfigure your protection parameters, monitor your kids online activities and control their access from wherever you are. Provided you have a web enabled device, you can access your Qustodio profile and control everything from your remote location.

Qustodio also has other superior features that make it far much better than any other internet security app out there. For instance:

* ‘Smart filters’ is a feature that allows Qustodio to monitor uncategorized sites that fall into the same harmful pattern as your blocked sites. These sites sometimes slip through most filters unnoticed.

* Social monitoring has become necessary in this social network crazed world. Qustodio allows you to see who your kids are friends with, on which social media platforms and what kind of material or content they usually share.

* Location tracking on Qustodio allows you to know where your child is via their handheld device. This is one feature that adds to the security of our children in these treacherous times.

* Danger alerts is also another wonderful feature. We all know that you simply cannot protect your child from everything that they can find online. That is why Qustodio has a ‘Danger Alert’ feature that sends you a warning any time your child attempts to visit a potentially harmful site.

* Multiple users. This is for those of us who have more than one child and children of different ages and stages in life. Instead of having a ‘blanket security’ mechanism,

Qustodio allows you to customize each child’s internet experience depending on their age. This means that everyone is allowed different parameters when they are online since you can manage multiple accounts through your easy to use dashboard.

‘Qustodio Safe Browser’ is by far the best online security that a parent can have. The best part is that it is free and tremendously easy to use. There are paid options for those of us who want advanced features and more than five user accounts. But as far as the regular family man/woman is concerned, Qustodio is the go-to app when you want to keep your browsing safe.


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