The riskiest gambling strategies

The Riskiest Gambling Strategies

From counting cards through to taking a risk on the roulette wheel, there are a number of strategies that have come to light in recent years, some of which can be more dependable than others.

As we all remember from Derren Brown’s foiled plot to fool the roulette wheel in 2011, sometimes it’s best to avoid trying to beat the casino – especially if you’re using any of these less than reliable methods.

The Martingale Strategy

Originating in 18th century France, this simple strategy was designed for a game in which the gambler would win his or her stake if a coin came up heads and lost if the coin came up tails. The gambler would double his or her bet after every loss, so that the first win would recover all the losses from the original losses. This technique has now been applied to roulette tables, and relies on those with infinite wealth to carry on gambling until they win double their bets back. It all sounds pretty simple, in theory, using the Taleb distribution rule, but sadly, it is ultimately down to chance, and if you haven’t got the money to burn, then the odds are certainly not in your favour.

Buying out the blinds

One for poker players, this involves a player trying to steal the blinds from others in a poker tournament when the blinds are very large. It may work a few times, but to combat a player who is playing like this, you should raise all in on them. Poker itself of course is full of bad gambling techniques, and you can keep an eye out for some of the biggest poker sins here.

The Oscar’s Grind System – Baccarat

Alternatively, there are indeed some strategies that have been proven to be quite successful, such as the Oscar’s Grind System. It was first discovered in 1965 and is used in the game of Baccarat and has also been spotted in some Roulette games. Quite simply, the aim of the game is to make one unit profit per cycle. Once this profit is achieved, the cycle stops – it does not carry on trying to make more than one unit. So, you can bet one unit. If you win, the cycle stops and you start again. If you lose, the cycle stops and you start again. When you start to win, you increase the size of your bet by one. Of course, if you’re on a losing streak, this could be considered high risk, so you may want to check out an example of low-risk progressive system.

If you’re a serious gambler with even more serious money to play, make sure you know the odds before you take on any of these gambling methods – and only bet what you can afford. Happy gambling!


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