For many, paper based notes and diaries are still the only way to stay on top of their daily lives, and Filofax has always been the name for paper organisers.

But with the massive rise in tablets and electronic PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) Filofax have had to adapt their product range to appeal to this new way of managing your life.

And their new range of eAccessories does exactly this, combining new protective device cases along with quick and easy note taking capabilities.Filofax have some great cases for the iPad Air and iPad Mini which incorporate protection for the tablet along with a high quality leather folio case and notepad – all in one. Having your tablet and notepad next to each other make a great working experience for meetings or just planing your day.

The Metropol for the iPad Air from £30 available from June 2014

Metropol iPad Air Case Black

The Fusion case for the iPad Mini from £70 available from June 2014

Fusion iPad Organiser Black

>> Check for more information, and to buy when these become available.

Written By: Rob Gordon

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