Are you constantly living an action packed lifestyle? Kayaking, skateboarding, sky-diving? Assuming you’re mad enough to keep doing them, then head on over to Garmin and put your details in to be in with a chance of being selected to test out their new VIRB™ Elite action camera.

The VIRB™ Elite has a strong waterproof casing, integrated GPS and records in HD quality for over three hours on a single battery.

On the market for several months now, the VIRB Elite is the accumulation of 25 years of expertise acquired by Garmin in outdoor activities, satellite positioning and navigation.After a recruitment period, 50 official testers, chosen from various disciplines, will receive a free VIRB Elite camera to film and publish their own videos on the testing programme’s dedicated site (information and registration at

The testers will also provide feedback on six fundamental criteria for an action camera: image quality, battery life, durability/waterproofing, handling/ease of use, connectivity/additional features and editing software (VIRB Edit): a real-life consumer test designed to demonstrate all the capabilities of the camera.