Video files are one of the key features of the Internet 2.0 age. Before broadband connections, video was extremely cumbersome and problematic, but now, services like YouTube are essential in everyday use and almost every kind of user.

Mobile devices are currently going through a similar phase, and are evolving to provide a truly multimedia experience. This experience obviously has to involve video files, and VidOn is right in the center of this evolutionary process.

The VidOn development team created a mobile application called VidOn Player. This app is intended to be used as a media player on the iPhone platform. This powerful app supports the majority of the formats used for multimedia packages, streaming through the network protocols, and universal Plug and Play (UPnP) devices including HD TV sets. With it, any user can watch movies in full resolution because VidOn Player features a process based on hardware decoding and supports playback in 1080 pixel resolution.

This means that even videos in Blu-Ray style resolution can be easily played on an iPhone. To increase the viewing comfort, VidOn development team also embedded a fully operational subtitle system, which can import any subtitle format. This way, when a movie is being watched through VidOn Player, the user can get the same results as if the viewing it taking place on a computer or a Smart TV. At the same time, the app can get access to any FTP server, Samba, DNLA, any kind of Microsoft Windows service for sharing, NAS or UPnP protocol. The exact video files that are supported are WMV, Avi, MP4, H.264, 3GP, MKV, ASF, MPG, RM, F4V, FLV and RMVB. It supports a photo viewing option, and the app can include pictures in JPEG, PNG and JPG formats, shared from the device or a local area network (LAN).

The app is also capable of offering a great deal control over the playback options. The VidOn Player user interface uses hand gestures to change the brightness or volume, or to control the playback itself by putting it in fast forward or backward mode. The aspect ratios change automatically with playback, and information about movies are also collected automatically from the specialized VidOn server. The same server can be used to manage all user content, and synchronization is achieved by a physical connection (USB cable) or an FTP connection.

With all these features, the fact that the complete app is totally free makes it almost too good to be true. But, unlike other application that serve a similar purpose, VidOn decided to share their mighty app without any charge, which makes it the first choice for the iPhone platform, especially now that a new upgraded 1.1.2. version is available for a free download.

With VidOn Player video viewing or streaming can become an easy, elegant and trouble-free task.