HIT Entertainment has announced that the popular app Fireman Sam: Fire & Rescue is now available for Android smart phone and tablet users and can be downloaded from the Amazon, Google Play, Samsung and Nook App Stores.

Fireman Sam is back with a brand new adventure – Fire & Rescue. Young players can join Fireman Sam and the rest of the Pontypandy Fire Crew as they take on heroic rescues, action-packed emergencies and important training. The app also has a special reward sticker book where fans can collect stickers during game-play and a video player to unlock video clips.

Activities include:

  • Mountain Adventure – Some of the villagers are stuck on a mountain ledge near The Mountain Activity Centre. Use the helicopter to lift everyone to safety!
  • Neptune’s Mission – Part of the jetty has dislodged and some villagers have fallen into the water. Use Neptune to bring the villagers safely back to shore.
  • Fire Engine Rescue –Rescue the people of Pontypandy and put out the fires as quickly as you can.
  • Connect the Hose – Jupiter’s hose needs to be mended. Help Fireman Sam connect the correct pieces to get the water flowing.
  • Quad Bike Training – Join Fireman Sam on a training exercise to learn how to use the new Quad Bike. Avoid obstacles and complete the training course as quickly as you can.

A must-have for fans, Fireman Sam: Fire & Rescue features the familiar characters, music and sound effects from the hit TV show, giving young children a fun and entertaining experience with their favorite ‘hero next door’. With colorful animation, touch screen control and helpful audio prompts, this new app provides fans with a single or multiplayer option. The app has both ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ level settings so children can enjoy with or without parental assistance.

Visit www.p2games.co.uk for more information.

>> Download the App now for just £1.99 from Amazon or Google Play.