The UK is not exactly known for sunny weather, but there is still an adventure waiting in the great outdoors.

Usually we’d tell you to leave the tech at home and go outside, but in this case we’ve found five mobile apps that could improve your outdoor time and add some fun and information to your activities at the same time.

Water Water Everywhere

This app aims to get you off bottled water and onto public drinking water fountains.  It shows locations around the UK where you can find tap water, fountains, cafes and fast food outlets where you can fill up your bottle for free.  You can also populate the map with fountains that haven’t been listed yet.

Just launch the app, let it find your location with GPS and look for fountains or places to refill near you.

>> Download Water Water Everywhere for iOS (currently no Android version)

British Film Locations

This is probably the best app for film lovers.  Imagine acting out a funny scene with friends or a romantic scene with your significant other and capturing it on camera.  It’s a great way to make memories.

Brit Film lists motion picture locations across the UK where you can visit, have a picnic, take photos and re-enact scenes from a movie filmed there.

>> Download British Film Locations for iOS or Android

Dog Friendly

We all hate that feeling when our dogs look at us with those sad, puppy-eyes as we close the door, telling them to stay.

Now you don’t have to feel guilty leaving Fido at home when you go for a walk and want to stop for a coffee on the way back.  Dog Friendly lists pubs, restaurants parks and other locations where dogs are welcome.

>> Download Dog Friendly for iOS or Android


Geocaching is essentially a high-tech treasure hunt where an item is hidden somewhere in the world and its coordinates posted on the internet so that GPS users can locate it.  As a member, you can hide something for others to find or locate what others have hidden.  Just register, place your item and post the coordinates for other members to enjoy.  However, before starting out, visit the website to see what the rules are and what items may and may not be placed in a cache.

This can be great fun for friends and family.  However, seeing as the hunt may lead to potentially dangerous places and terrains, it’s not safe for children to go geocaching alone.  It also increases their risk of encountering strangers.

>> Download Geocaching for iOS or Android


Strava is a worldwide hit with fitness fanatics and for good reason.  Whether you hike, run or cycle, this app tracks your route via your GPS device (smartphone or watch) and you can effortlessly upload it to your profile.   It also provides a report of the terrain, your workout time and lets you compare with others who have completed the same routes.

What makes it even better is that you can find people in your area and train together or compete against each other.  Your online statistics will show you where you are on the leader board and who holds the best time.

>> Download Strava for iOS or Android