MobileForceField is the world’s first app to offer preventative protection for mobile devices – unlike other apps that provide after the event logs.

MobileForceField’s breakthrough software steps in before the child receives bullying text messages, inappropriate images or gains access to unsuitable websites or inappropriate apps – allowing them to stay safe from harm.

MobileForceField is a two part product – an App that monitors incoming and oitgoing messages, and a browser with safe browsing built in.

The App recognises inappropriate SMS and MMS messages and diverts them to the parents – allowing them to decide what is right or wrong for their child. It is designed for Android Smartphones and Tablets, and provides peace of mind for parents and complete protection for children.

Mobile Forcefield parent console

The other part is the MobileForceField Browser which blocks more than four million websites, is fitted with a child safe internet browser and equipped with a GeoFences feature which allows parents to set ‘virtual’ boundaries for their children – both safe and unsafe zones.

MobileForceField Managing Director, Matt Archer, said

This is ground breaking technology. It changes the rules forever and finally empowers parents when it comes to keeping their children safe online with their mobile devices.

There has been lots of talk and great progress about the big ISPs taking steps to keep children safe and as parents we have the ability to place parental restrictions on our wi-fi routers at home. But this doesn’t tackle the issue of mobile devices – especially when those devices are away from the home.

The App launches today and is prices on a subscription basis at £4.95-per-month or £49.95-per-year for smartphones, and £2.95-per-month or £29.95-per-year for tablets. It’s currently only available on Android and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

>> Mobile Force App on Google Play

>> Mobile Force Browser on Google Play