Zepp, a sports technology leader, is dedicated to providing accurate data to athletes for continuous improvement of their performance. The company focuses on empowering athletes of all levels across sports such as baseball/softball, golf and tennis.

Together with the Zepp multi-sport sensor the App will analyse every swing a user takes to deliver a customised report straight to the Zepp app. Reports will recommend drills to help users focus on individual areas for improvement.

Jason Fass, CEO of Zepp said:

Wearable sports technology is advancing each year, and our goal is to provide analysis that not only collects numbers from the sensor, but offers ways to improve those numbers through content in our app.  We’re turning data into actual coachable intelligence.

Wearables in sports are becoming an essential resource for training, and we need to engage and elevate athletes by personalising tips gleaned from their captured data.

The Zepp apps provide video analysis, 3D analysis, and performance data from the Zepp sensor.  The apps also feature swing and video data of the Zepp Pros —including PGA Tour Pro Keegan Bradley. The sensor is pricey and specific to each sport, but if you’re serious about improving your game it looks to be a useful way to gather data and work on the weaker areas of your game.

>> The Zepp multi-sport sensor is available at Apple, Argos, Curry’s/PC World, Amazon, American Golf and zepp.com £129.99

>> Download the Zepp companion App from iTunes and Google Play