How Can Your Business Utilise Video Conferencing?

How can your business utilise video conferencing? Video conferencing can save time and money for large and small businesses. It keeps people from having to travel for meetings, and it provides a convenient way to record conferences and training sessions. As high speed Internet and audio video equipment becomes more affordable, so does video conferencing.

Showing someone how to do something through video conferencing is much easier than describing the task through email or over the phone. Some points can also be conveyed more easily with a chart, a graph, or another visual aid to help. Businesses can communicate with clients and employees more effectively.

Help the Environment

Since video conferencing reduces the need for travel, it also reduces pollution caused by planes. Viju delivered integrated audio visual solutions for Siemens at their new Oslo premises, including 99 meeting rooms, digital signage solutions, and two auditoriums. People can even use video conferencing and email to telecommute, they can work every day without ever leaving the comfort of home. This reduces greenhouse gases by lowering traffic and employers also save on rent and electricity for office space.

Call a Doctor

Video conferencing is an easy way for professionals like doctors and nurses to consult with people who need to work in remote areas. This is also called telemedicine. People sometimes use special devices like microscopes fitted with digital cameras, video endoscopes, or ultrasound imaging devices with video conferencing equipment to transmit additional data to faraway doctors. Viju provided integrated telemedicine for Shell’s Noble Globetrotter II drill ship, which is located off the west coast of Africa.

Have a High Tech Conference Call

Video conferencing systems have two main operating modes: Voice-Activated Switch or VAS and Continuous Presence. In VAS mode, the location with the loudest voice is the one seen by the other participants. If four people from four different cities join a video conference, everyone will see the person who is talking. Continuous Presence mode displays everyone at the same time in smaller images called layouts. It’s especially useful for speakers who want to gauge the reactions of their audience.

High tech collaboration tools like interactive displays and intuitive collaboration software can also help people communicate. SMART Meeting Pro and Microsoft Lync let people convert handwriting to text and write in digital ink over any document or web page. This is an easy way to write notes on charts or other visual aids so that the entire audience of the video conference can see them in real time. They also have a conversation window where meeting participants’ information appears. A toolbar helps people switch from whiteboarding to websites to applications. They can save digital notes to any application and send them right after the meeting is over.

Tech Makes Everyone Seem Close

Telepresence conferencing makes people who are hundreds of miles away seem like they are in the room. All the screens, lights, cameras, and microphones fade into the background, allowing natural, face to face video meetings that encourage innovation.
Business relationships can easily go wrong if communications go wrong. According to a study by Cisco in 2011, 75 percent of business leaders said that in person communication is critical to success.

How can your business utilise video conferencing? People avoid misunderstandings by getting information from facial expressions, gestures, and body language. Fortunately, face to face communication is possible without actually being there in person. Let Viju take care of all your video conferencing needs, including software, video, speakers, microphones, display, controls, lighting, and more. Save money on conventional meetings like Shell, Intel, Siemens, and other major corporations.


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