The Perfect Console Gaming Space For A Student Pad

Console gaming is inevitable; it is a sign of the times. Young people are immersed in owning and reading about the newest releases, and own or have access to at least one games console, such as the PlayStation, PS Vita, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, personal computer and so on. If your child is going to college or university and he or she intends to take their console, there are some things you can do to help them create a perfect space in their room for a safe and comfortable gaming experience.

The most important thing is the TV screen. Your son or daughter will tell you that size is everything – the bigger the better! However, you have to consider the size of their room – the chances are they will be in student accommodation, meaning one small bedroom or a room in halls of residence. TVs range in size from 22 inches to 110 inches, so check out the size of the room and weigh up what size will be suitable. Ideally, the screen will be placed at eye level (when seated), and positioned so as not to reflect lamps, ceiling lights or light from the window. Whether the TV will be hung on the wall or placed on a unit will also influence the screen size you choose.

You may have the means to transform a whole room into a gaming room – a loft, spare room, office, or garage. Even a small space can be utilised for gaming, such as under the stairs or a corner of a room. It just means the TV screen will have to be smaller and you will have to consider how any noise will affect other people.

When you know where the gaming space is going to be and how big a TV screen it can accommodate, you can look for a storage unit that will fit flat against the wall. Find one that is big enough to accommodate a TV and games console and has shelving for books and coursework folders. Units can be found with some hanging space and shelves for clothes and shoes, but a student is unlikely to need a lot of hanging space and, for the most part, shelves will suffice. A single, multipurpose unit will free up floor space so that they can place beanbags on the floor and more game players can get involved.

Consider a sofa bed rather than a regular bed to free up more space in the room and to provide a seating area for one or two others to share. You could include a chest or ottoman for storage that can double up as a seat. Also available are gaming towers and console storage racks with hooks to hang wires, handsets and the other paraphernalia associated with gaming. It’s not just the console and games that need a home; there will be additional handsets to allow extra players, wireless headphones and other technical devices.

If you have enough room in your gaming sanctuary to set up a regular bed, it may be something to consider. After a long day of playing your favourite game, you may have a sore back, sore neck, or may just be tired and in need of a comfortable sleeping area. There are twin beds that will make all of that pain go away to prepare you for another day full of gaming. There isn’t a sofa bed on the planet that can do what these beds that offer relief and support can do.

Finally, consider blinds for any windows for when the sun slants in at an awkward angle; shelves for speakers, and storing games and books; a desk fan, rugs, and posters or decals for the walls. Try to create a vibrant, super-cool area for your child to indulge in gaming when they’re not studying.


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