Major Advantages and Characteristics of Android 5.1 System

The recent launching of android 5.1 has taken the world by a huge storm. Very few devices have it and those who have been lucky enough to give it a try know too well how great an operating system it is. It comes with lots of amazing features and one is bound to love it right from the word go.

If you have a soft spot for Android OS, you will definitely love this one and there is no doubt about it. Lots of enhancements and improvements have been made making it better and more thrilling. The following are just, but some of the amazing features you ought to expect in this newer version of android.

Priority settings

One of the greatest enhancements that have been made in this Android version is undoubtedly in the priority settings. With the Android 5.1 system, it is now possible to your interruption preferences to remain place until your next alarm is on. This helps you in avoiding overnight interruptions that are no doubt quite annoying. This implies it is more convenient and comfortable using this newer version of Android.

Here comes enhanced screen pining

If you have never tried screen pinning with your device, then this recent version of Android presents you with a perfect opportunity of doing so. Screen pinning comes with more security especially if someone else other than you is handling your phone. With this technique in place, the device will be locked in an app or folder such that it will not be possible to have the user exit that app without entering a secret pin. This makes it safer to leave your phone with your kids or even spouse whom you wouldn’t want to access certain information. For anyone go beyond a certain point in your phone, your approval will be necessary. The screen pinning in this latest version of Android is so easy to find and initiate. It comes with more detailed explanations making it easier for anyone who has never used it to try it out. In most phones, you will find it under security settings. It will take you such a short time to initiate yet the benefits are so great. It isn’t something to miss for sure.

Advanced Sounding

Android 5.1 has a built-in HD voice in its code. This means that for every phone call you make, you will be assured of high-quality voice. Long gone are the days in which you had to strain to get what the person from the other side was saying. With this newer Android version, you can now sit back and relax being rest assured that you will not have any kind of strains when it comes to making calls. Nevertheless, most devices have their own HD voice set ups so you are less likely to experience any technicalities when it comes to this. Whichever way, however, this enhancement still remains valuable and is, therefore, worth appreciating.

Better Dual Sim Support

For those having the dual sim devices, there are even better reasons to smile at the mention of Android 5.1. It is not a matter of doubted whether this Android version supports the dual sim set up fully. It is easier using this operating system with the dual sim devices. Those who have such devices can, therefore, go ahead and have it in use; being rest assured that the experience has gotten more thrilling and captivating. This is applicable to all devices provided they support the dual sim set up so never get worried of the kind of device you have.

Quick Settings Menu improved

If there is one thing that the Android version has always made work easier with, it is accessing many apps and settings so easily. Through the quick menu bar, it is always possible to get through to some of those things you frequently use without being inconvenienced. With the new version of Android, it is even better. New animations have been introduced in the quick settings menu for enhanced usability. It has never been easier selecting a Wifi or Bluetooth network as it is in the new Android version. Just next to the buttons providing the connections list, there is an icon for selecting a WiFi or Bluetooth network. This connection list is with the quick settings menu making it even better and easier to access than before.

Enhanced phone security

If there’s one thing you can never deny for sure, it is the fact the Android operating system has stepped up its security system over the years. It is safe using Android devices provided you put the appropriate measures in place. Mobile security has been enhanced over the years and this has even been made better in Android 5.1. This OS comes with anew lock feature which guarantees maximum security of your device. It not only helps you when someone else is using your phone when you are aware but also when it is stolen. You only need to activate the device protection mode making the device unusable after a factory reset. This implies that upon clearing all your data, someone else cannot use your phone just unless he has Google account details; something that is unlikely.

In as much as the feature might not help you in locating your phone, you will be assured that someone else is not using your phone. You will have this feature working on your phone provided you have an eligible device, a secured lock screen and you are dully assigned to the Google Account.

Other Major Changes

Besides the characteristics above, the new Android comes with also other marvellous features. There is improving notification management in which the notifications can now be swiped back until the notifications draw instead of being swiped away completely. In addition, Wifi Connectivity has immensely improved in the new system. With the new system, it is easier identify spots with strong, poor and no Wifi access at all. Surely, it is an amazing piece of Operating system.


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