It’s fairly safe to say that technology has brought us well and truly into the digital age when it comes to how businesses are operated and managed.

You only need to look around at the infrastructures in place, from cloud based servers to multiple device syncing apps. Everywhere we go, technology is with us in one shape or another.

So what is SIP Trunking, and how can this bring your business into the digital age?

Well, to put it in simple terms SIP Trunking will allow you to ditch the old traditional ways of communication (phone lines), and bring in a revolutionary way that uses the Internet.  It is a protocol that managed real-time communication, whether that’s in the form of voice chat, video chat or instant messaging services.

You have all heard of VoiP by now which uses the Internet to carry your call rather than a standard phone line. Now add to that SIP Trunking and you will open up a new door of communication.

SIP Trunking allows users that already have a VoiP system in place, to be able to call numbers on regular landlines or mobile networks, but also looks to see if both participants have SIP Trunking in order to route the call through the Internet instead.

So what’s Trunking?

We have discussed VoiP and SIP, so what’s Trunking? Well, this is a term that has been around a long time in the telecommunications industry and a lot of you reading this will already have an understanding of it. For those who haven’t, Trunking is a way for companies to cut down on the amount of phone lines they need.

Think of it as a tree; you have the main trunk and sprouting of that trunk you have a selection of different branches. It’s an easy way of sharing a line.

Are there any benefits?

The critical benefits are on the financial side of things, as SIP Trunking can reduce costs for your small or medium sized business.

Typically you will find that call rates are a lot lower, especially if you are calling long-distance on a frequent basis, and because it’s all based over the Internet you can get rid of Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI’s) and Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI’s) which are more expensive.

It’s not just a case of financial savings either, you will also notice that SIP Trunking is a much more flexible system of communication because with a SIP line in place you can partake in a wider-range of communication methods, from voice calls, video calls and instant messaging.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the future, and experiencing this new age of digital communication then for SIP lines visit Amcom and see what they can do for your business. An investment in SIP Trunking can give a very quick return on investment and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.