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The Popularity of Second-Hand Devices

The second-hand device industry is booming right now as manufacturers continue to release new product lines, and products continue to increase quickly.

Retaining Value

When you make the upgrade to the latest technology, you’re often left with an electrical device that is only a year or two old.  Often kept in good condition and that their technology isn’t always that far outdated, they can carry good value instead of languishing at the back of your drawer.

Websites such as eBay, Amazon and Gumtree allow consumers to offload their old devices – if they have the time to upload their products and the patience to wait for someone to make the purchase.  There is certainly no guarantee of a purchase, and with eBay there’s certainly no guarantee you’ll get the price you were looking for.

The alternative option is a broker such as Cash Generator whom offer a fair price and instant cash for most electrical goods.

Better Deals

Visiting one of these pawn brokers you will find goods sold at an average of 30% less than first-hand gadgets.  As a result, they are experiencing a huge demand from bargain hunters.  Your high street stores will only sell the devices in working condition and often you can find these in good condition.

For example, games consoles such as the Xbox 360 can be purchased at much cheaper prices than their retail price.  Likewise, PlayStation 3s and 4s can be found at bargain value.

It’s almost becoming a trend that customers are buying used and refurbished goods.  There were 56 million refurbished phones purchased last year – Gartner is predicting that number to increase to 120 million units by 2017.

As well as being cheaper than buying an item brand new, your sell on value doesn’t greatly diminish either, as products that are second and third-hand both come under the ‘used’ category just the same.

Damaged? No Problem

Damaged goods can even have some value to some consumers as they can often be repaired.  For example, a tablet with a cracked screen can increase in value by fixing it.  Brokers will often employ staff to fix cracks and breaks.

Businesses Benefiting

Businesses are also looking to buy and sell second-hand goods on the market.  Small businesses in particular are looking to take advantage of acquiring desktops, laptops and tablets at low prices to help improve their profit margins.

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